Slowing down, escaping reality while relaxing on the beach from dawn till dusk. Enter a place where your only task is to catch sun beams. This is what I was inspired by while creating our newest collection. During my visit to California I was awed by the lifestyle and landscapes. For me, Malibu in California means the girl next door like Cindy Crawford or Brooke Shields. Women that are free, natural, and proud of their bodies. They pose against the water, sand, and rocks - the scenery typical for this area. I looked back to my favorite aspects of the 80's and 90's. Deep cuts, tied knots, and high waists can be found through out this collection. MOIESS's newest models consist of tied bikini tops, bows on the bust, and deep v-neck bathing suits. Our teamed work hard to make sure that every design fits every body type, perfectly accenting your figure. Being inspired by previous decades, we also incorporated neon into this season's collection. These are the main shades of our pieces but you can also find them in classic colors, such as, black, white, or grey. What hasn't changed is the use of high quality materials, imported from Italy. We wanted to showcase our bathing suits through a retro lens - so we used an analog camera during the photoshoot. Our model moves through the Californian landscape. We made sure to stay authentic so we did not manipulate the photos. Only shades of orange, green, and pink enhance the sun kissed tan.

Photographed by Łukasz Pukowiec

Model: Kornelia Tałajczyk













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